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It’s a "Bad Day" CONTEST!! :)

It was one of those days, you know, the kind where nothing is going right. I had just finished one of my hand painted Bibles and opened it to insert the ribbon marker only to discover that I had painted the cover upside down!!! Now, if anyone were to catch you reading this Bible, they would probably get quite a laugh out of it. Every time I look at it, that Daniel Powter song, Bad Day, goes through my head (and proceeds to get stuck there). 🙂

I certainly wouldn’t sell an imperfect piece like this so I decided to turn lemons into lemonade – I will be giving it away. Because I really do need to get the hang of this blogging thing and also because it’s more fun when you’ve got company, I will give everyone who posts a comment on my blog a free entry in my Bible giveaway – so post away – you can get one contest entry for each post you make until the contest ends (reply to any of the posts, even those in the archive). The winner will be announced here as well as on my website.

In the first picture, I attempted to show the upside down book/text. It’s difficult to see in the photo, but trust me, it is backwards. lol.


Due to some spam postings in my comment section, I have had to switch to a moderated system. Rest assured, I do see all comments and will post the legitimate ones ASAP. Thank you ~ Cherie

Shabby Lane Shops

Bella Rosa Designs is proud to be a distinguished member of the new Shabby Lane Shops! Watch for ads in upcoming national magazines starting in March!

Celebrating Friendship

“Faithful friends are beyond price: No amount can balance their worth.”
– Bible ( Old Testament ) Sirach 6:15

“My friends are my estate. Forgive me then the avarice to hoard them. They tell me those who were poor early have different views of gold. I don’t know how that is. God is not so wary as we, else He would give us no friends, lest we forget Him.”

– Emily Dickinson

Today I will take time to slow down and truly appreciate just how much my friends mean to me. I have been blessed with the most wonderful friendships for which I am very grateful.

It’s all too easy in this hustle and bustle world to forget to take time for those we love. Please remember to let your friends know just how much you care about them, even if it’s just a quick email – so simple to do, yet means so much.

Blessings ~