Shipping Day

It’s shipping day and I have a helper. We’ve had yet another week with temps below zero and I think maybe she’s trying to tell me that she would like me to send her some place where it’s warmer, much warmer. I want to go, too… helper

Ok, Who Did It?!

Heard the hubby calling me from downstairs “hey, you have to come see this”.  So down I went, only to find this:

mystery 1

The suspects? There are only two and neither typically gets into this kind of mischief. Look at those sweet faces, how is it possible?! mystery 2

mystery 3

Those of you with cats and dogs, does this look like the handiwork of the canine or feline variety? I think the dog did it, hubby thinks it was the cat. Any thoughts?

Fall is in the Air!

Where has the summer gone?!  It seems it was all too short after the long, brutal winter we had.   Although I am sad to see summer winding down, I welcome fall with open arms.   I love the crisp, cool air, the beautiful colors, pumpkin everything (in decor and the kitchen!) curling up by the fire with a good book and my fur kids…’s a time when family draws close and memories are made.

Do you have any favorite fall memories to share?Fall

I just finished painting a couple of pieces, available on the website now!




Our Queen Anne Victorian House, Circa 1892, Then and Now

1892 Queen Anne Victorian house

1892 Queen Anne Victorian house

1892 Queen Anne Victorian home

1892 Queen Anne Victorian home

We are so thankful to have this photo of our home as it was back in the day (now if only they would have had color photos back then!) The first thing on our wish list for the exterior is to replace that gorgeous wrap around porch but even without it, she’s still a grand old house with quite a presence. I will be posting interior photos soon.

Happy Presidents’ Day!


Please take a moment today to remember our Presidents. Here is one of my favorite quotes by George Washington “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected”.

xoxo Cherie

No Time to Fix a Healthy Breakfast?

I have found the perfect solution for those who want a healthy breakfast but have no time (or desire!) to cook first thing in the a.m. Crockpot Oatmeal. It’s fantastic! We hear over and over again how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s true – so give it a try – even the kids will love it, it’s that good!

Crock Pot Oatmeal

2 cups steel cut oats (can substitute rolled or old fashioned oats, or mix 1 cup each)
1/3 cup brown sugar (more or less to taste)
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
4 cups water

Spray inside of crock pot with cooking spray or wipe with oil. Mix all ingredients, cover and cook on low overnight. I’ve found that crockpot cooking temps vary greatly so you may need to adjust water amount and cooking time accordingly.

You can also add fruit, such as 2 sliced apples, prior to cooking. Or serve and then let everyone choose their own stir-ins – fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, milk, butter. Yum!

Leftovers can be stored in the fridge and easily heated in the microwave.

Banish Winter Blahs with Quick Decorating Tips

If old man winter has you down and spring seems an eternity away, try one (or all!) of these simple decorating ideas to add a little oomph to your home.  You will be surprised by the amount of impact a few small changes will have.


Color –  Choose accessories in your favorite color and sprinkle them around the room.  For example – my favorite color is purple, therefore you will find purple throws, accent pillows, picture frames, small rugs, etc., throughout my home.  Are you fickle when it comes to color?  No worries!  By keeping the background neutral, you can change out the accent color(s) whenever the mood strikes.

Scent – Fragrance is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the mood of a home.  A little aromatherapy is also a great pick-me-up – feeling tired of the long, cold winter?  Try something in the citrus or floral family to energize yourself with warm thoughts of spring.  There are so many options for home fragrance, be it plug-in warmers, table top warmers, scent diffusers, candles, etc.

Theme – If you have a favorite vacation spot, animal or pet, movie, sport or sports team, musical group, etc., use that as a guide for creating a theme for a room.  Gather photos, memorabilia, statues and the like and place them around your space.  The trick to keeping the room from looking like a teenager’s is in the details.  For example – frame a movie poster in an elegant frame, not a cheap poster frame, and keep accent pieces to a minimum.

So there you have it, a few simple changes that will go a long way toward brightening your home and your mood while waiting for spring to arrive.

Cherie Perry ~ Bella Rosa Designs



New this week!

Pink Rose Tea Set

Pink Rose Tea Set

Gorgeous porcelain tea pots, tea cups, and tea sets – lots of lovely roses – all coming this week to Bella Rosa Designs! Have a wonderful week, xoxo ~ Cherie

Vintage Victorian Glitter Plaques

New today at Bella Rosa Designs – one-of-a-kind vintage Victorian Valentine glitter plaques. 3 available, each a different design. They would look lovely as a set. $24.99 each

Valentine Cherub Group 2